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《欢迎》系列已经在练习册中设计了阅读材料。但是如果教师希望加强学生的阅读能力, 或设计课外阅读课程,以下是一些阅读书目及网页:

The Huanying series has built-in reading activities for students. However, if teachers would like to help students build stronger reading skills in Chinese, or if teachers plan to offer an after- school reading program, here are some suggestions for additional reading materials:

Chinese Breeze 《汉语风》

刘月华,褚诚志等编:《汉语风》中文分级系列读物, 北京大学出版社, 2007年

Yuehua Liu, Chengzhi Chu, et. al.: Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series, Beijing: Beijing University Press, 2007

这套读物是按照 1+1 的教学原理设计的。前两级适合一到二年级的学生。

This series is designed based on the "1+1" teaching principle. The first two levels can be used with students who have completed at least one volume of Huanying.



Readings in Chinese Culture Series 《中国文化读物系列》

黄伟嘉,敖群:《中国文化读物系列》, 波士顿: Cheng & Tsui Company, 2007年

Weijia Huang, Qun Ao: Readings in Chinese Culture Series, Boston: Cheng & Tsui Company, 2007


The reading materials developed in this series are witty in language and rich in culture. They make excellent reading materials, particularly for heritage speakers, or second to third-year non-heritage speakers.



Fun in Reading for Elementary Students 《小学生快乐阅读起步》

乔亚梦主编:《小学生注音看图作文》, 首都师范大学出版社, 2006年

Qiao, Yameng: Picture Descriptions for Elementary Students, Beijing: Capital Normal University Press, 2006.


This book can be used for both reading and writing programs. It includes picture clues for picture descriptions. Following each set of pictures is a sample essay, which can help strengthen students' reading and writing skills.



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This website has daily idioms and aphorisms in both simplified and traditional characters.


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